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Hi all!

Let's do introductions.

I'm Linda Hofschire and I'm one of the instructors for the RIPL Regional. I'm the director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!
Hi everyone,

I'm Stephanie Beverage, the Director at the Huntington Beach Public Library - I happen to live in Placentia, so I am looking forward to a short commute during the Institute!

I am also looking forward to learning more about evaluation and how to more effectively share the library's story through data.
Hi All,

I'm Wendy Townsend Supervising Librarian, Adult Services.  Looking forward to learning how to improve our evaluation process!
Hello everyone,
I am Emily Derry, Education and Community Engagement Librarian at the San Diego Public Library. Looking forward to meeting you all next week and to learn how to effectively evaluate system-wide programs that I am implementing in the near future.  See you in Placentia!
Hi, I'm Genesis Hansen, the Director of the Mission Viejo Library. I'm looking forward to getting some good tools and information to help us streamline ongoing evaluation processes and bake them into everything we do.
Hi all.

I'm Erwin Magbanua, Programming and Special Events Coordinator for San Diego Public Library. See you all in a couple of days!
Will be seeing everyone tomorrow - bright and early!  This is Kristin Tillquist, also from the San Diego Public Library along with Erwin Magbanua and Emily Derry who've already signed in.  I am the Chief of Innovation & Outreach.  Safe travels to all.
I'm Sarah Stimson, Public Services Manager at Mission Viejo Library. See you tomorrow.

I am Fernando Maldonado Library Assistant- Teens with the Placentia Library District. I am excited to learn about more evaluation tools especially for a school/library database partnership.
I am Samantha Yeung, Library Division Manager at the Thousand Oaks Library. I am interested in learning how to tell powerful stories with quantitative data.

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