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Hi there!
Hello from Peoria, AZ.

I am attending with 3 other colleagues, but am buddying-up with Aaron Rostad to evaluate our "on-boarding" process in our system so that we can address training and expectations of any and all new employees now (by position), during an upcoming year of anticipated change, and for the future.  

We expect to interview many staff, including management, so that we can determine the best approach to developing a system-wide "handbook" which can also be modified, as needed. We also expect to survey some staff as we go along (as a representative of a position), but we anticipate presenting a draft to every staff member at our next all-staff meeting in October so that each has a chance to review the anticipated product with the purpose of getting informed feedback for the final version.
I like this idea, Kathleen! This is something that has been on my radar for the last two years. Hopefully I'll be able to pick your brain and tackle it this year.

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