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Hi everyone - Nate Pedersen here, Silverstone Branch Manager with Meridian Library District, next door to Boise, Idaho.

Evaluation project: Transitioning a "children's cave," which is kind of a dead space in our small library branch into a dynamic, interactive kids space and/or modeling our collections and display space after new bookstore models under the idea of transitioning our branch into a popular, recently published collection focus.
Hello everyone.

My name is Kenny Ketner, and I am the Information Products Lead at the Montana State Library. Mostly I develop library web applications and supervise other developers.

For my evaluation project, I will bring the Montana Cadastral Beta: it's a new version of our popular Cadastral mapping application (tax parcels, property, etc) that just launched as a six month beta product alongside the existing Cadastral. After March 2020, it will replace the current Cadastral completely. I will need to evaluate and prioritize the feedback to the beta application so that I can make it the best it can be six months from now...
Hi from Fremont County Library System in Wyoming.  I am the Executive Director.  I am deciding between evaluation of wage and job descriptions and Library reading programs and their impact on grade level proficiency.
Hi all,
Richard Landreth, Director of Lincoln County Library System in Wyoming, here... trying to decide between evaluating our system wide winter reading program or evaluating whether our library hours are what the community needs.
HOWDY folks,

I'm Brian Greene, Library Development Manager of the Wyoming State Library.  

I'm interested in collecting information about the library-studies students in our state (degree and/or certification seeking) and use that information to provide support mechanisms that WY State Library and WY Library Association can use with these students.  I'm hoping to develop a framework or matrix using a data trifecta of inputs, outputs, and outcomes that guide us in what kind of support mechanisms that the WSL and WyLA can use.  The key motive is to have these organizations be aware of these students and to support them in such a way that the students will want to stay in Wyoming happily practicing in the library/knowledge management professions.

I look forward to our work.  I know firsthand that we will have a top notch group of instructors.

Lastly, what do we call ourselves after we graduate from a RIPL event: RIPLers (pronounced RIP LERS) or RIPLites (pronounced RIP L ites) or ????

Let's have a roarin', riplin' good time. 


I'm Karen Ketchu, and I'm the director of Madison Valley Public Library in Ennis, Montana.  I'd like to better evaluate our current programming with measurable outcomes.   I'm looking forward to meeting you!
Hi! I'm Jane Martel from Arapahoe Libraries in Colorado. I wasn't at your MT RIPL event but I've been to several other RIPL events as an attendee, facilitator and instructor. I also facilitate the RIPL discussion board and look forward to your participation.

Beyond the RIPL Events>Montana forum that you're in now, you are welcome to register for and subscribe to any individual forum and receive notifications as you desire. It's a great tool for staying connected with all your RIPL peers from across the country and for posting data and research-related questions you have.

I hope you had a fantastic time at RIPL!

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