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Hannah Nash, Youth Services Librarian, Miles City Public Library.

Our library Director Mrs. Woods (above) selected an excellent project: our physical plant. We are very interested in collecting data on our antiquated building, public support/concerns, budgetary options, etc.
Hello, I am Krystal Zentner, Director at Bridger Library, Bridger, MT. I am considering two projects and have not yet narrowed it down. 
1) Assess current facility's adequacy to community needs or 
2) Determine if Community/School Library would be a better model for service area.
Hello. I'm Kate Zoellner, Education and Human Sciences Librarian and Assessment Coordinator at the University of Montana's Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library. I plan to review the instruction my colleagues and I provide to, and or the campus experience we facilitate for, regional high school students. At this point, my project connects with two of the example evaluation process questions presented in the webinar: "Is this program/project/service worth the investment?" and "What outcomes did our users experience from participating in the program?".
My name is Angie Houser and I'm the Continuing Education Coordinator for the North Dakota State Library. I do evaluations on the events we put on state wide (a conference in the spring, PD course in the summer, etc.) and I use Project Outcome for my surveys. I love Project Outcome but I'd like to learn other ways to do these types of evaluations and tricks for getting people to fill them out.
I am Jennifer Birnel, Director of the Montana Memory Project (MMP) for the MT State Library. The MMP is a website for hosting digital content that reflects Montana history and culture.  I am looking forward to my first RIPL conference. I collect lots of data, from lots of different places. I am trying to figure out how to best compile and use this data to guide my decision making.  I gets stats from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, CONTENTdm, DPLA, Sway, Story Maps, and end users send us qualitative feedback. These stats tell me we have valued content and it being used, but how should these stats guide our future growth and decisions? 

Since I realize that for the sake of this conference, this might be too ambitious, I am also interested in evaluating the role the State Library should play in hosting content that is not about Montana specifically, but the original content lives in Montana libraries, museums or archives. I have learned that many Montana organizations have amazing collections that do not fit the scope of the MMP. These organizations would be interested in sharing this content in a digital platform, but there is not currently a place for them to share it. Should the State Library look at broadening the scope of the MMP or create a second platform to make more digital content available?
(09-16-2019, 10:16 AM)LindaHofschire Wrote: Hello!

I'm Linda Hofschire, Director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service. I invite you to introduce yourself and share a description of your evaluation project. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Hi, I'm Kathleen Ralph, a trustee from Stillwater County Library in Columbus.  We are overdue in preparing a strategic plan.

(09-24-2019, 11:39 AM)pamhenley Wrote: Pam Henley, consulting librarian for Montana State Library. I'm excited to attend this event and meet others from so many varied places! I think some colleagues and I may work on a project together, but I'd also be interested in developing something to get information from library trustees - what programs/training they feel would be beneficial, for example.
I like your idea, Pam, especially as a trustee!  I definitely think there is a need to look at what will draw in trustees so that they become more active.  I would like to see more trustee-specific content at Federation meetings, for example.
I am Sara Linder-Parkinson, Public Services Librarian for the Great Falls Public Library in Great Falls Montana.
The project that I selected circles around reengaging patrons that have been inactive for over 3 years.
Hello all! I am Bo Erickson an admin from Hillsboro Public Library in Oregon. I am bringing an ongoing project around our staffing model at HPL. Specifically, I would like to create a survey for staff designed to identify hours of greatest customer service need AND look at all the data we are already collecting to identify which datasets  to use as indicators of library activity levels. 

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Hi, I'm Alyssa Ramirez, Director of Lincoln County Library. My project centers around circulation and purchase orders for the library. I want to make more informed decisions when purchasing books, rather than "That looks cute" which is my current practice with kid's books.
Hi, I am Amy Marchwick, and I work at the Montana State Library as an ILS administrator for the Montana Shared Catalog consortium.  I specialize in new library migration and system configuration. For my project, I am hoping to develop a method to evaluate what new circulation rules (checkout length, fining policy) our consortium needs.  Balancing efficient system configuration with addressing the needs of many member libraries is tricky, and I'm also hopeful that the "evaluation method" will be something we can use on other areas of our system configuration besides just the circulation rules.

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