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Pam Henley, consulting librarian for Montana State Library. I'm excited to attend this event and meet others from so many varied places! I think some colleagues and I may work on a project together, but I'd also be interested in developing something to get information from library trustees - what programs/training they feel would be beneficial, for example.
Hello! I am Rebekah Kamp, and I work at the Montana State Library as an ILS administrator for the Montana Shared Catalog which is a consortium of 180+ libraries in Montana. I specialize in the online catalog and our reporting system, BLUEcloud Analytics, but about 50% of my job is technical support. For my project, I am interested in evaluating data from our online help desk so that we can balance staff case load.
My name is John Thill. I am the Public Services Manager at the Meridian Library District.  My RIPL project will focus on our Teen Space at the Library. As opposed to using the room as just "space" after school, we would like to use it as more of a daily program room for our large group of teens.  What would that look like? And how do we assess it?
Hello! My name is Patti McKenzie. I am the Dean's Assistant at the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, at the University of Montana. I would like to evaluate the library online chat service. I will bring chat statistics from spring semester 2019. I am interested in marketing the chat service based on evaluating usage and types of patrons who frequent the service.

I'm Jake Mickelsen, Executive Director of the Carbon County Library System in southern Wyoming.  I'm planning to evaluate the impact changes to collection growth has had on circulation at our branch locations.
Greetings from near Glacier National Park - my home office. I'm Jo Flick, I am the CE Coordinator for the MT State Library and I'm in charge of Billings-based logistics for your conference. I will be keeping you comfortable, well fed, and ready to learn. You may be hearing about the freakish early winter storm heading for Montana the weekend BEFORE our conference, but don't worry, we expect that to be all but gone by the time everyone gets here, and most of the snow will be 300 miles to the west of Billings anyway. Montana is a pretty big state, so we have room for all kinds of weather here.

While I am not officially attending, I hope to pick up some new tricks and tips for evaluating learner's needs and getting useful feedback to know what training related interventions or support are needed by my learners after they have engaged with us. I believe that the changes we aim for in training really take place away from the classroom days and weeks or even months later, and I want to find ways to track that progress or to identify how and why the learner does not exhibit any change.
Hi, I am Abbi Dooley, the Library Director at North Lake County Public Library in Polson, MT.  This will be my first RIPL conference!  One project is to generally increase and improve our evaluation process of all of our programs.  Specifically our Friday kids programs.  We had been using Project Outcome but found that it didn't provide the information we needed, so we haven't really done evaluation of programs for over a year.  I also need to do an evaluation of staff wages based on experience and the job positions for my Board. I am excited to learn lots!
Hi!  I'm Sonja Woods, Director from the Miles City Public Library.
Hello, i'm Stacey Moore, Director at Fallon County Library in Baker, MT. Still working on something to bring.
Hello, my name is Amelea Kim! I am the Lifelong Learning Librarian at the Montana State Library, and I am hoping to evaluate our early literacy program, Ready 2 Read, to see what the current status is of R2R participation, as well as see how we can better improve support for libraries and communities.

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