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I'm Linda Hofschire, Director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service. I invite you to introduce yourself and share a description of your evaluation project. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!


I'm Sharon Morris, another instructor and Colorado State Library, Director of Library Development. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in Lansing.
Hello! I'm Sarah Neidert, Head of Collections and Public Relations at the Brighton District Library in Brighton, Michigan. I'm interested in conducting an assessment of our entire materials collection. I'm going to focus on an assessment of the Adult Fiction collection, for the purposes of these 2 days.
I am Sheryl Cormicle Knox, Technology Director at Capital Area District Libraries. CADL serves 23 municipalities in Ingham County with 13 libraries and a mobile library. We are working on our next strategic plan and we are filling it with measurable goals! I've been smitten by the  definition and framework for 'digital inclusion' work put forth by the NDIA . Over the last 10 years, we've seen a steady decline in in-library computer use and an increase in WiFi use. By definition, digital inclusion services evolve over time. We do a lot of different services under this umbrella. Focusing on only one or two output measures doesn't capture the full picture. I want to both develop evaluation measures for all of our digital inclusion services to help manage and adjust them as they are ongoing, as well as explore creating some kind of composite index of them that reflects our overall efforts over time and helps us steer our energy into the most impactful services. I'm also aware of needing some aspect of tracking or gathering outcomes as opposed to just outputs.

I also live in East Lansing and would be happy to try to answer any questions for those traveling.
My name is Donna Jensen and I am the Adult Services Librarian at Trenton Veterans Memorial Library. This library serves the downriver communities of Brownstown, Grosse Ile, Trenton and Woodhaven, Michigan and is part of The Library Network. We are getting ready for our 5 year survey. With a newish director on board who is bringing us forward into a community centered position, we would like to discern user and non user needs and perceptions so we can be visible, accessible and relevant so as to best serve our population.
Hello Everyone,

I have been the director for three years at Presque Isle District Library in northeast Michigan.  We have five branches in Grand Lake, Millersburg, Onaway, Posen, and Rogers City.  We also own and operate the Rogers City Theater where we hold our events and programs in addition to renting to the Rogers City Community Theatre.  We are a member of the Northland Library Cooperative.  I will have to agree with Sheryl Knox, we are starting to see a small drop in our public computer use, but wireless is going strong.  As a district, we were also selected as 1 of 6 to be selected to host the traveling Smithsonian Exhibit, Crossroads: Change in Rural America! through Michigan Humanities Council in 2020.  We will be having programs and events in 2020 throughout our district branches, the theater, and other venues.  We would like a better way to evaluate not only programming at all library locations but most especially at our theater.  The theater can be a challenge in receiving input from the community on the level of interests for the kind of programming that we can offer versus what the community needs are.  We would also like to address non-user and include input from them.
Hello! I am Rebecca Teasdale, principal of Rebecca Teasdale & Associates. I am a RIPL instructor and look forward to meeting everyone in Lansing in August.

I am Brenda Dunseth, Head of Youth Services at the Highland Township Public Library.  We completed a strategic plan in 2017 and passed a millage in 2018.  We can now afford to revisit our library hours and consider opening on Sunday or staying open later on Friday and Saturday.  I would like to evaluate current library usage and survey our patrons to determine which hours might be appreciated by patrons and, at the same time, a good investment for the library.
Aloha, I am Michelle Moore and I recently moved back to Michigan after spending 2.5 years working in Hawaii. I am the Head of Adult Services and Circulation at the Loutit District Library in Grand Haven. We are currently working on a new Strategic Plan with many changes in the works. My focus will be evaluating public service hours with the intent to lose 4 hours per week (the opposite of Brenda @ Highland Twp - we are already open 7 days per week *during school.) I would like to close at 8pm instead of 9pm Monday through Thursday which should have very little impact to the public (very slow between 8 and 9pm) yet a profound effect on our staff. RIPL training will allow me the opportunity to research and develop this idea to present to the library board. I am also looking forward to learning from and meeting all of you. 
Have a beautiful day! Mahalo!  
Hi everyone,

My name is Jason Groth and I'm the Public Relations & Programs Coordinator at the Sterling Heights Public Library. I'm super excited about this workshop! For our two days together, I'm hoping to evaluate our library's Summer Reading program.

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