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Hi, I'm Heather Hart a branch manager here at the Salt Lake City Public Library. My location is undergoing lots of changes including an upcoming renovation/closure/temporary space.  

For my project I'd like to focus on internal staff communication at my branch.  Soon after I joined the team here we started using a google form to track happenings at the branch. The form focuses on things that everyone needs to know i.e. maintenance issues or incident reports. These items may require action from the manager (me) or another LIC but are located in a central location that everyone can access from any staff computer.  The form has gone through different waves of use and I'd like to take a good look at the data I have acquired so far and evaluate this tool to determine if it is a good use of our time. Also I'd like to potentially make changes to make this a more effective tool and means of communication.

If you're interested in seeing the form I'll link it here.  I also provide all staff with access to the response form.
Hello! I am Kim Fong, director of the Murray City Library in the center of the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. In anticipation of a new library building, we would like to do a space study of our current library. We already keep statistics of room utilization, computer use, program attendance and gate counts. We would like to expand our information to know how often we have to turn people away when they need a room, the demand for our study carrels and use of seating areas in the library.
Hello! My name is Megan Egbert and I am the District Programs Manager for Meridian Library District, located right outside of Boise, Idaho. We are in a period of growth, with a plant facility levy on the May ballot, that could increase our physical footprint from three locations to five. In anticipation of that growth, we are looking at our job descriptions to see how a reorganization of roles and responsibilities could better serve more locations without significant increases in the number of people we have on staff. Specifically, we're looking at who does programs, and how that could be maximized on a larger scale.
My name is Sandy White. I am the Data Analyst for Pima County Public Library in Tucson, AZ. I have been with our system for 13 years, but this is a new position for me and for our system. I am interested in a staffing evaluation. I was involved in providing data for staff reallocation back in 2013 and we are looking at staffing again. I realize that a full evaluation of staffing for 26 locations is too large of a project for this conference. However, I hope to come out of the two days with a "busyness" factor as a starting point for the staffing evaluation.
Hi All! I'm Casey Van Haren, the Director of the Prescott Valley Public Library in Arizona. We just came out of the worst winter storm in over 15 years! We had over 24 inches of snow. It was awful. Our community is just over 42,000 in a fairly rural area. I am a year in as the new director, replacing the director of 30 years.

My project is writing our very first strategic plan. We hired a consultant in July to catapult us through a very intensive community assessment, including training staff as neutral facilitators, flip charting and deep note takers. Based on our community assessment report, provided by our consultant, how do we move forward writing a successful and meaningful plan that does not sit on the shelf?
Hello!  I'm the director of the Grantsville City Library in Utah, a six year old library in our community of about 11,000 people. We have a small staff of five part-time library techs and a similar amount of volunteers.  My staff and I are currently reevaluating the needs and interests of our community regarding programming.  We want to have more consistent attendance and a better experience for our patrons. To do this we would include more feedback from our active patrons as well as those who haven't visited recently - a project that would develop into standards and goals that we could use in the future without increasing our staffing budget.
My name is Christopher Rumbaugh, I am the Adult Department Manager at Salem Public Library in Salem Oregon. We serve Oregon’s State Capital of nearly 170,000 as well as being a part of a tri-county consortium serving nearly 500,000 total. 

I'm super-excited for this RIPL opportunity. I cut my library teeth as LSTA manager & State Data Coordinator here in Oregon in the late 1990s. I always enjoyed the support of Keith Curry Lance of LRS in those days Smile

We are in the midst of a seismic retrofit project, which will have us completely out of the building by the end of the year. We recently formalized a Collection Development Policy (having only working procedures for decades) and having combined our Reference and Circulation desks. 

Understanding the service and information needs of users to our new “Ask Here / Combined Service” desk would help us address appropriate staffing levels. In our effort to prepare for being in a temporary location(s), understanding user needs in this regard will help inform future staffing plans. 

Here is what I'd like to evaluate: How many staff are needed for the combined service point (on various days and at various times)? What levels of staff are best to service this need, and how many of each? What level of “on the floor” staff are needed versus “behind the desk” staff? Do users feel they are getting the service they need (by type – circ vs. reference)? Do users feel they are being served in a timely way (in comparison to previously)? What and how much training is needed for new staff (Librarian and support staff) to cover combined desk needs?

I look forward to meeting you all and learning a lot!

Hi Everyone! My name is Michele Hjorting and I am the Adult Services Lead Librarian at Prescott Valley Public Library in Arizona.

My project: Based on outcomes from our Community Needs Assessment (currently in progress), we may need to move staff to other departments to accommodate the needs of the community for programming or outreach efforts. Do we need to adjust staffing levels and rewrite current job descriptions? Do we need to look at current job duties and reconfigure job responsibilities? As another participant (Sandy White) stated, I hope to come away from these two days with a starting point for staff evaluation.

Hi, I'm Becky Butler. I'm the Manager of Collections and Technical Services at the Salt Lake City Library. For my evaluation project I am interested in the evaluation of online databases, both what we already provide and also how to evaluate what we should add in the future. How do we gather good information from patrons and staff about what they may find most useful? Especially when many of our users don't understand databases to begin with. See you all next week!
Hello, I am Christina Walsh, Teen Services Coordinator for the Salt Lake City Public Library. 

I would like to focus on the outreach we do at middle school and high schools in our area. There is a lot of busing that happens in our city, especially as students age up. So, even though a high school is on the west side of our city, many students that attend that school live on the east side. Right now, each teen librarian is assigned between 1-3 schools to build relationships with, and I want to make sure our assignments reflect reality. Currently, the assignments are based on a lot of assumptions, though I like to call my assumptions "educated guesses"  Smile  I would like them to be rooted in data, instead. The school district will be able to provide lots of data on where students live, and we have some internal data we collect that could be useful. For example, when kids sign up for the summer reading program at a branch, we ask what school they last attended. I will be able to see the branch that signs up the most kids from West High, for example. Hope that all makes sense! I am very excited to dive in. It is a small project, but I think it will make a big difference to align our efforts in a way that makes the most sense for the teens in our city!

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