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(03-04-2019, 03:03 PM)joannastankiewicz Wrote: Hi!
My name is Joanna Stankiewicz and I am the manager of the Greenhorn Valley Library in the Pueblo City County Library District in Colorado. 
I would like to find a better way to evaluate services for tweens, 8-12 years old. We use surveys for younger and older patrons but with this in-between demographic we need a new tool. We would like to service this group better but find it difficult to understand what they may need, enjoy, and want from the library. I would like to be able to apply the findings to a branch space redesign as well as programs for this age group.

Hi Joanna, it sounds like we have a very similar focus project for RIPL.  It'd be great to chat and exchange info as we also will be altering our interior space to better cerate a destination for tweens.

Dan Mickelson
Hi All! I'm Jackie, Library Public Services Coordinator for the City of Westminster in Westminster, Colorado. Our organization is outstanding at collecting statistics, but that's where it currently ends. We want a clearer picture of the success of our Summer Learning program by looking at other global trends over time such as door counts, circulation, programs, etc. to better understand those relationships. Our organization emphasizes the importance of door counts and we want to be able to tell our story and successes and make FTE and budget decisions based upon data. We also want to leverage this data synthesis/story telling into current and future fundraising efforts.

Very much looking forward to meeting/seeing everyone!

Jackie Kuusinen
Westminster Public Library Public Services Coordinator
3705 W. 112th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80031
Hi All,

My name is Katie Thompson and I am the manager for the Fiction, Periodicals and Teen department for Salt Lake City Public Library's beautiful downtown branch.

I am interested in exploring how various types of data, including impact stories, gate counts, circulation stats and program attendance might influence our ability to negotiate public parking policies with Salt Lake City. Our public parking garage is currently managed by the city and they are in a time of transition. Parking has been free (the gates are up!) for over one month and I’d like to look at the data we have already gathered and can start gathering to create some leverage.

Garage parking and parking validation has been a hot spot for our library patrons and is often stated as a deterrent for coming to our downtown library. Our department staffs the Welcome Desk, greeting patrons as the enter and leave the library and are also in charge of distributing ADA parking validations for our handicap patrons. We hear first-hand how parking influences the way our community uses our library.

I'm very much looking forward learning and sharing with you all later this week.
Hi everybody,

My name is Paul Musser and I'm the Manager at the Anderson-Foothill Branch in the Salt Lake City Public Library System.  My branch was initially built in 1985 with a building expansion in the early '90s and again in 2002.  Fast forward to today and much of the branch is still arranged according to how it was more than 25 years ago.  With some potential large-scale branch renovations looming on the horizon, my evaluation project is designed around analyzing my building and determining not only how patrons are currently utilizing the physical space, but how it can be improved to better meet the needs of today's (and tomorrow's) library users. 

This goes without saying but the needs of our patrons have changed drastically since the building was originally built.  We still have some of the highest materials circs in our library system and our programs (especially pre-K) continue to be some of the most popular and well-attended, but our physical spaces such as tables, chairs, and study rooms, etc. are also becoming increasingly sought after.  The building is used in so many different (and sometimes conflicting) ways at any given moment - it makes me wonder if there isn't a more effective way we could design the spaces to better meet the needs of our diverse patron populations.  Moreover, do we need to devote as much of our branch to our physical collections as we did several decades ago?    

To help me in this process I am collecting hourly data regarding how many people are in the building using the different types of furniture, browsing the stacks, or at various other locations throughout the branch.  I also hope to analyze our circulation statistics (including our annual collection snapshot), computer usage numbers, meeting rooms statistics, holds reports, and other relevant information.  

I am looking forward to this conference and I'm hoping it will provide me with some hands-on tools that I can use in collecting and analyzing this data and accomplishing this goal.

See you all in a few days!
My name is Cameron and I am the HR Director/Administrator for the Clear Creek County Library District in Colorado.  Joining Lucy Thoms for this RIPL conference, our library district serves a population of approx. 9,000 plus a large volume of tourists and seasonal workers.  

I intend to focus my evaluation project on the compensation strategy/pay structure of our library district, as we were approved to increase our budget for this by 28% since last year.
(02-25-2019, 04:52 PM)IAMichelle Wrote:
(02-22-2019, 05:29 PM)mstrickler Wrote: Hello, my name is Mara (rhymes with Sara) Strickler, I'm the Director of Algona Public Library in Kossuth County, Iowa . The City, which is the County seat, has a population of approximately 5,000, while the County has a population of about 15,000. It is a rural area and, in terms of area, Kossuth is the largest County in Iowa.
Yay! Another Iowan! I look forward to meeting you.

Me too, looking forward to tomorrow!
Hi! I'm Deanna Romriell, manager, of the Children's Library at The Salt Lake City Public Library. For my project I would like to analyze the effectiveness of our Saturday programs to see if they are meeting the needs of our patrons and are worth the significant staff time they require.
Hi! I'm Mark Ewing, manager of the Nonfiction and Audiovisual department at the Salt Lake City Public Library Main Branch. For my project I would like to do a space utilization study. I want to see how patrons are currently using the Nonfiction department and how we might improve those spaces to meet the future needs of the community.
Hello, I'm Mary Maloney, manager of the Sweet Branch Library (part of the Salt Lake City Public Library System). I want to look at data to inform efficient staffing levels at our service points.

.pdf   NM Poster final.pdf (Size: 552.33 KB / Downloads: 0)

Hello everyone,
My name is Liana Morales and I am the manager of a rural bookmobile service in New Mexico (Rural Bookmobile West), which is a part of the New Mexico State Library. I am based out of Los Lunas, NM. There are two other rural bookmobiles in the state: Northeast in Cimarron, and East in Tucumcari. I'm excited to attend this program with all of you and I look forward to learning all I can. 

I plan for my project to center on getting a better sense of the needs of our visitors. More specifically, how to use statistics and collection data to help improve collection development and outreach. My goal is to be able to accurately assess how many rural residents we can potentially reach, and to understand ways of improving our delivery of library services to them. 

I have attached a poster I put together for the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services Annual Conference 2018 in Raleigh. It contains some more information about the program I help run as well as some data I collected. 

See you all soon. 

- Liana

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