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Hi Everyone,

My name is Meg Flynn and I am the Head of Adult Services at the Grand County Public Library in Moab, UT. Grand County has a population close to 10,000, but we are located in a highly popular tourist destination so the area often swells with large numbers of visitors and seasonal workers.  Spring is in the air lately so things are starting to get much busier!

I would like to work on evaluating the library's circulation statistics as they compare to the amount of money currently allocated to various collections.  Looking to determine if the library should readjust collection development spending to better serve patron interests and demands as expressed in circulation numbers. Currently, our collection development is largely driven by patron requests, but we would like to start incorporating more circulation information into collection development purchasing decisions.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in a few days!
My name is Patty Steed, I am the manager of the Chapman Branch in the Salt Lake City Public Library System. The Chapman Branch and the Glendale Branch, managed by Brooke Young, serve very similar groups so we will team up to explore how we can create an effective outreach program that would serve the Spanish speakers in Salt Lake City. Our goal is to develop strong library services and programs for this community.
Hi, I'm Casandria Crane, the fairly new Director of the American Fork Library (I've been here since May 2018).  I would like to do a general community assessment to find out the following:

1. What does our community need and how can we help make it happen?
2. How can we keep tabs on these needs going forward?

I'm looking forward to learning a lot this week!
My name is Joanna Stankiewicz and I am the manager of the Greenhorn Valley Library in the Pueblo City County Library District in Colorado. 
I would like to find a better way to evaluate services for tweens, 8-12 years old. We use surveys for younger and older patrons but with this in-between demographic we need a new tool. We would like to service this group better but find it difficult to understand what they may need, enjoy, and want from the library. I would like to be able to apply the findings to a branch space redesign as well as programs for this age group.
Hello! My name is Lucy Thoms and I am the (relatively new) Development Director for the Clear Creek County Library District, located about 30 minutes west of Denver. Our county's population is only about 10,000, but we have a huge influx of tourists and seasonal workers. I recently started working on the book portion of our collection development and would like to have a better formula for what we order each month, with the goals of increasing circulation, better serving our patrons, and inspiring more reading.
Hi everyone!

My name is Eun Lee, Data Analyst at the San Francisco Public Library. 

I am interested in evaluating how we gather programming data. At SFPL, the youth and adult services teams use different protocols to track programming data. We would like to bring these two teams to the same platform and create a single protocol that will help us gather the type of data that will enable us to optimize our program offerings across our 28 branches. While we want the data we collect to be insightful and actionable, we are also very mindful of our staff's workloads, so we would like to create a process that is efficient and easy to follow. It will be interesting to hear everyone's thoughts on how to make this possible! 

I am looking forward to the conference and meeting everyone!
Hello everyone,  I’m  Gwen Page, Public Technology Training Manager at the Salt Lake City Public Library.  I manage the Technology Center at the Main Library containing both a computer lab and a makerspace, provide technology help at our satellite branches and outreach services in the community.

Project description: I would like to focus on evaluating the current users of the Creative Lab (aka the makerspace) and use the data to target similar groups in the service area for to increase our Lab user pool.  We currently collect data on which stations and equipment are being used on a daily and weekly basis.  Users of the Lab fill out an online user agreement from which some data can be collected.

Question/Problem Statement:  What are the characteristics and needs of the current users which could be used for promoting the services and equipment available in the Creative Lab to target other groups with similar interests?  What data tool or survey would be best to collect the other data needed?
Hello, my name is Jennifer Barr and I am the Business/IT Manager for Middleton Public Library in Middleton, Idaho.  We are a small town just outside of Boise.  I am looking to evaluate our current online offerings to decide how we can increase usage, and what we want to use going forward.  I am relatively new to the library community and am looking forward to getting my feet wet.
My name is Dan Mickelson, and I'm the Director of the Springville Public Library in Springville, Utah.

The project I'm working on is making sure that the services we offer our tween population (ages 8-12) are meeting their needs and are the best use of our resources. My focus on the services include the collection, programs, and space in our library.

I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of days.
(02-20-2019, 03:08 PM)LindaHofschire Wrote: Hello!

Welcome to the RIPL Community of Practice forum for the Utah event. Please introduce yourself and post a brief description of your evaluation project in this thread.

I'm Linda Hofschire - I'm the director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service, and I'm one of the RIPL instructors.

Hi, I'm Jamie LaRue, library writer, speaker, and consultant. A former public library director and ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom director, I have the privilege of being one of your instructors. I look forward to learning from and with you!

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