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Project Management Office?
At Richland Library, I'm the Planning & Projects Director (thank you, Tommy!) and we got the go-ahead this year to hire 2 project coordinators, so between the 3 of us, we have been workshopping with every department and location this summer in support of the new strategic plan. From here, we will consolidate, prioritize the projects and then divide them between us. We will serve as project management advisors and help with logistics for the project teams. We're not officially a PMO (although I'm not sure who would make that designation anyway?) but that's how we're operating now. I'd love to chat more about this anytime. Thanks for bringing this up, Jane!
Hi, Jim.

I'm sorry that I'd not noticed this before! My apologies.

That's a great question! As for successes, I think that we continue to learn what will "fly" here in our culture at Arapahoe Libraries and what seems to be too much for our managers of projects. We continue to modify our approaches for project prioritizing, scheduling, decision-making, tracking, etc. Most of our projects are managed by department managers, who are in charge of operations and have limited time (and, frankly, interest) to delve into the planning and documentation that is part of project management; it's a "just do it" kind of bunch who want to get things done. Less is more, I guess I would say is my main lesson learned!

As for developments, we are planning a retreat of managers to talk about communication with each other and how to be better at it. While not sponsored by the PMO, it's largely based on some challenges we've had with communication about projects that involve multiple departments. We are also in the midst of planning a project management app in TrackVia; phase one is portfolio management and phase two is for project management.

I just formed a group of project managers. Want to join? We have our first virtual meeting via Skype today at 1:30 pm MT (late notice, I know):

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