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Hi! I am Tracy Swaim, the Grants & Statistics Librarian at the Alaska State Library in Juneau, AK. When not doing the library-thing I like to play with my doggy (Molly, a Lagotto Romagnolo, see attached), going hiking with my spouse, and being a geek with my computer.

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I am Jody Hoesly - Data Services Consultant for the Wisconsin South Central Library System which supports about 60 libraries of all sizes.  This is a new service position so I would love to hear what others are doing in this area. 

As a resident of New Glarus (home of the Spotted Cow) I serve as a trustee for the New Glarus Public Library and was recently elected to the Green County Board of Supervisors. In my free time, I enjoy helping my husband on our farm, running with my dog (she actually runs me), and visiting my 4 children/2 grandchildren in CA and TX.

I look forward to meeting everyone at my first RIPL!
I look forward to meeting everyone in Atlanta!  My name is Meg Smith and I work as the Youth Services Division Manager in Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center, NC, near Fort Bragg.  I enjoy our family time with my husband and two daughters and love working on issues impacting children and their families in our community. I have heard wonderful things about RIPL and can't wait to dive right in!
Hello! My name is Anita Summers. I am Director of the Sequoyah Regional Library System, a three-county system in north central Georgia--about 1 hour away from the conference center. I am very excited to participate in RIPL, and I look forward to meeting you all!
Hello all,

My name is Cristina Hernández Trotter. I am Head of the Reference Dept and Heritage Center for the Oconee Regional Library System in Dublin, GA, which is about 2 hours south of Atlanta.  I am thrilled to be able to attend RIPL so close to home -- with many thanks going to Georgia Public Library Service for their generous support.

I am also founder and chair of GLA's Research and Assessment Interest Group and eager to share with interest group everything learned and discussed next week.

Happy and safe travels to all! Look forward to meeting you soon!

I'm Vanessa Harris. I'm a Children's Clerk and I also am in charge of 6th-8th grade programming at Waukegan Public Library in Illinois. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.
Hi, I'm Ames O'Neill and I'm a project manager in the Strategic Planning department at Brooklyn Public Library. I've been at BPL for nearly six years, and before that worked in children's publishing. Looking forward to my first RIPL!
Hello! My name is Becky Taylor from Arapahoe Libraries near Denver. I am the lead for the Supporting Library Specialists team which takes me all over the district working on the floor and training our new hires. This will be my first time attending RIPL and I can't wait!
Hi! I'm Angela Stanley and I work for Georgia's state library as Director of Georgia HomePLACE, a project that supports public libraries in caring for and digitizing their historical collections. We partner with the Digital Library of Georgia to make this primary source content freely available online. Basically, I get to travel around the state and play with other peoples' archives and special collections.

This will be my first time attending RIPL and I look forward to meeting everyone!

I'm Heidi Smith and I'm a brand-spanking-new library director. I just started at Park Ridge Public Library (IL) a few months ago, and it's been a blast! My favorite question to ask is, "Why?" I am a recovering "How" fanatic. I'm really excited to have a better process of being able to answer my 2nd favorite question, "Did it work?"

Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Heidi Smith
Park Ridge Public Library (IL)
Brand-spankin'-new director

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