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Evaluation Projects
Hello -

Please post a description of your evaluation project to this thread.
[i]Amanda Jacobs Foust[/i]
Forum Administrator
RIPL Project Coordinator
I would like to evaluate our monthly programming and activity report to the Board.  It often seems that the traditional service numbers (circulation, visitors, etc.) don’t reflect the changing landscape of the library and the new “busy” we are encountering.
I would like to evaluate our library card renewals - or lack there of.  I don't know if the number is high or low compared to other libraries. We don't have any data from patrons as to the reasoning behind why they do or do not renew their cards.
I would like to create a better evaluation plan for "digital services" at our library system that goes beyond platform usage by measuring the effectiveness of our system-wide efforts to market, train, communicate updates, offer tech support, etc. I created a simple self-evaluation tool for member library staff to self-assess their competence with the various platforms--I will bring it along with usage stats, quarterly OverDrive ROI reports, etc. to attempt to look at our services and measures with fresh a fresh RIPL lens.
I am interested in evaluating some of our statewide projects, such as the tableau licence and support we have been funding for several years. The mandatory IMLS survey evaluations only tap into evaluation in a very generic way (by design, it's in no way a slight). I'd be interested to know what would be valuable for us to determine what makes for a successful statewide program. Also, dashboards.
I created and initiated a 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program in our System just over a year ago. I would like to evaluate it from the library's perspective for statistical/logistical information and from the patron's perspective for outcome information.
This reply is for Nassau Library System (Rachel Maxwell and Robert Drake):
We are interested in circulation and de-selection of materials.
1. Has the overall annual percentage of materials circulated over the past five years changed? If so, by how much and in what direction?
2. Has the percentage of materials NOT circulated within five years changed over the past five years? If so, by how much and in what direction?  
3. Are there libraries within the system that vary significantly* from the overall average change in materials circulated?

Hypothesis: Libraries within the system that are above the system average in circulation are more likely to have a consistent de-selection process for items that have not circulated within five years.
(04-01-2018, 11:14 PM)ajacobsfoust Wrote: Hello -

Please post a description of your evaluation project to this thread.

To market programs, Baltimore's Enoch Pratt Free Library has been making increasing use of social media (mostly Facebook and Twitter). We would like to know how effective social media has been in increasing program attendance, as one part of a broader plan to evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of the library's marketing investment (dollars and staff time) in social media, targeted email, and paid advertising - to increase library usage and build brand recognition.

Jennifer Mange
I was recently hired to serve as evaluator for WebJunction's Supercharged Storytimes for All project. This is a multi-state, train-the-trainer program that will provide online workshops/support in how to develop effective early literacy programming for families in public libraries.

I am looking for a better way to evaluate our statewide database usage of our pre-k through 12 grade users. --Heather

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