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Evaluation Projects
Hello! Welcome to the RIPL Community of Practice forum for the Carlsbad event. Please introduce yourself and post a brief description of your evaluation project in this thread.

I'm Linda Hofschire - I'm the director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service, and I'm one of the RIPL instructors.
I'm Jacqui Petri, lead librarian in the Collections & Technical Services (CaTS) division.

Proposed RIPL project: analyze shelf and budget allocations in conjunction with circulation of non-print media collections at all three Carlsbad City Library facilities to optimize future shelf and budget allocations. [Should demographics also be considered? An expected outcome is to place the majority of the material/content where it is most likely to be used.]

This project would fulfill the RIPL goal: learn techniques for tracking public library data and using these data for planning, management, and demonstrating the library’s worth.
Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Marsha Weeks and I am the senior librarian in charge of the the children's division at the Georgina Cole Library. It will probably come as no surprise that the children's division staff would like to evaluate our annual summer reading program. We are making big changes to the program this year including moving things to an online environment. It's a very busy and exciting time right now!

We are planning to use the summer reading surveys provided by the California State Library to gauge how well we are meeting the state's quality principles and indicators for summer reading programs, but are also very interested in learning about other tools, such as what we'll learn from RIPL, that will help us ensure that the library's biggest program is the best it can be!

We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams

I work as the Principal Librarian at the Carlsbad City Library Learning Center, which houses Bilingual Services and Literacy Services.

Our facility is currently open Monday through Friday and is the only Carlsbad library location that does not offer weekend hours. My colleagues and I would like to assess the community need for Saturday hours at the Learning Center. A community survey conducted in 2015 brought attention to this issue, and we are excited to see how our experience at RIPL will help us as we investigate this further.
Hello, my name is Erin Peak, Lead Librarian in Reference. For my project I am interested in doing a community needs assessment in providing programs/services in sustainable/green practices. This is for interest in direct programming and also to gauge whether this topic should be valued as a Core Programming Area for the library, which would align with the city's Core Values.
I'm Heather Pizzuto, Library & Cultural Arts Director. Since I previously worked on a project for the CLA preconference RIPL workshop which focused on assessing programs, I'm choosing an administrative project this time. The city is embarking on a scoping and space needs analysis in preparation for planning a new city hall; our department has the opportunity to provide input on needs and shortcomings of the current city hall space. My project will seek to develop a framework for evaluating our space needs in relation to a city hall, with the goal of ensuring the future city hall will complement the Library & Cultural Arts Department's service delivery goals particularly if the library and cultural arts services will be delivered in a shared campus.
We are Maile McKeon and Heidi Wyner, Reference Librarians, and Andrea Hilliard, Technology Librarian at the Dove Library.

We are working together on the project to evaluate how patrons are using the skills and knowledge gained in the Exploration HUB during and after the Silhouette Cameo classes to enhance their lives outside of the library.  We asked ourselves: Are patrons taking their skills with Silhouette Cameo design and creation outside of the HUB?  Are people creating projects at home or at their job?  Is this exposure to Silhouette Cameo enhancing people's lives?  What do we need to learn to move Silhouette Cameo classes (and by extension all HUB classes) forward?  
This project aligns well with the Library and Cultural Arts Strategic Framework.  The following two are exactly what we want to evaluate with outcomes:
  1. Learning for All Ages - Silhouette Cameo classes have been offered to all ages.  And we want to find out if individuals are leaving class with new technology skills to advance their individual goals, aspirations as designers, etc.
  2. Community and Social Engagement - Are patrons inspired after leaving the Silhouette Cameo class?  We want to know if creative activity is lending to a feeling of community and engagement.
Hi!  My name is Carrie Scott, and I am the Community Outreach Supervisor for Literacy Services at the Learning Center.  I work for Viktor Sjoberg and will be one of the staff working with him on the Learning Center hours study.
Greetings!  I'm Richard Schultz, Cultural Arts Manager.  I lead a terrific team that creates innovative and creative arts programming.

For my project, I'll be teaming up with Karen McGuire to focus on the Foreign Film Friday Series including several new ideas for the upcoming season.  This popular series is now part of a newly-launched Cinema Club and offers a great opportunity to reach local film audiences through three existing film series and several new film-themed events.  We are interested in collecting data and feedback to assist us in future programming.
Hello, I'm Fiona Everett. I'm the Senior Management Analyst for Library & Cultural Arts. Along with my partner, Debbie Jo McCool, we administer the budget, look for opportunities for revenue generation and are always looking for ways to improve processes, streamline, and measure impacts.

We have two ideas:
We'd like to work on identifying new opportunities to increase venue rental activity in Schulman Auditorium and the Gowland Meeting Room, as well as consider new opportunities to invoke the Cole Community Room as a public rental venue.

We are also considering an idea to create a "framework" for other projects. Well-intentioned and creative projects are stalled sometimes, because the resources and infrastructure needed to fully implement them aren't readily available. We'd like to develop a planning mechanism to help staff identify and plan for all the needs of a project, to optimize their opportunity for success.

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