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Project Ideas
(10-24-2017, 12:56 PM)lgonzalez Wrote: We just launched a Campaign for Grade Level Reading in our community, and I would like to look at what kind of outcomes data we can provide, especially for our Early Lit Programming. So a project that shows a change in attitude, knowledge, or behaviors in the families that participate in our 0-5 programming specifically, and maybe even something about library using families vs. non-library using families for families with children under 5.

We have a First Five funded 0-5 project. We have never been able to afford a longitudinal study of the difference this program might make once children are in school. I am also interested in your project and how you go about gathering your data.
We use statistics to report library use and program data to our Library Board. They always pay a lot of attention to it, so we'd like to learn a bit more about how to communicate information using that data. Are there other types of data we need to be collecting? How do we use what we have to paint a picture of what goes on. We know we need some more outcome information as well as output measures and we are just embarking on that.
My idea is perhaps overly ambitious, so I am prepared to scale it back. The Carlsbad City Council has established a goal this year to “Develop lifelong learners, civic leaders, and valuable members of the public and private workforce in Carlsbad through education partnerships and skills development.” One strategy within this goal is to “Ensure the city’s life-long learner programs continue to meet the needs of the community for life enrichment and personal success.” To confirm that the city is meeting community needs, we’ve decided to evaluate and measure a slice of our programs' impacts and outcomes. And then to adjust our programs based on whether they’re achieving the desired impacts and outcomes. This effort will span library & cultural arts lifelong learning programs, as well as a segment of parks & recreation offerings identified as enrichment programs. To measure the impacts requires establishing the desired outcomes in advance. Our outcomes are different for various programs, and often loosely defined. I hope to learn how to establish clear outcomes that may be more overarching for learning programs, then define more specific outcomes by which to measure individual programs.
I manage programming at my library and I would like to use data to determine which programs are the most successful and how to use data to plan new programs that will draw new patrons in.
(10-04-2017, 01:55 PM)ajacobsfoust Wrote: Hello -

Please post a description of your project idea to this thread.


I am a new branch librarian and am interested in using data to connect to our community, school district and businesses. As far as a data project...I hope to learn of new and attainable ways to approach marketing our library with innovative and creative numbers.

I look forward to learning and observing!

My project is to obtain a picture of the non-library users toward identification of areas where the library might serve the entire community better through identification of where we are missing opportunities.
I've come into a few different communities in the past few years and I'm interested in using data to determine how best to approach programming as a new librarian. Learning about best times of days to host certain programs or which programs are most popular would be helpful.
Hello -

I was just recently appointed the IT Program Manager for San Diego Public Library (SDPL). One of the challenges we face in upper management involves staff buy in. Looking for new and creative ways to elicit and/or inspire active participation.
(10-04-2017, 01:55 PM)ajacobsfoust Wrote: Hello -

Please post a description of your project idea to this thread.

SSJCPL has a program called Summer Book Buddies and we would like to know how we can measure program effectiveness/impact beyond numbers.  We’d be interested in how we can most effectively analyze the impact of Summer Book Buddies. We asked branches offering this program to conduct pre- and post-assessment tests this past summer, but have not received the results yet.  But are those assessment tests the best measure of program impact? Also, what is the best way to share this impact with our stakeholders?  We’ve been talking a lot about metrics so getting info in this would be good also.  
My goals are simple: to use the data for strategic planning and to justify my request for more money to the Board of Supervisors.  Smile

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