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Evaluation Project
Hello -

Please post a description of your evaluation project to this thread.
As the librarian who oversees the law collection at our library, I am interested in measuring the use of our print and electronic resources so I can make better decisions when weeding and renewing subscriptions. I currently have some ways to measure use, but feel that they give me an incomplete view. --Deborah Hamilton, Pikes Peak Library District.
I am David Hayden, the Data Analyst for Pueblo City County Library District, at this moment I am thinking of a project to gather data on people who do not currently use PCCLD. I would like to learn:

- Is there a demographic correlation between patrons and non-patrons?
- Can we determine why non-patrons are non-patrons? If so, why? Can we adjust to be more inclusive, etc?
- What is the general tax-paying public's attitude towards the library? Do they see the value? How do we increase their perception of value?
- How can we gather this data w/o significant time or expense to the district or get funding for the project?
I'd like work on a community needs assessment for a lake resort community at the northern part of our library district. We'd like to do more outreach in the area, but it has proven difficult to get an in as it is a largely seasonal population and notoriously "private."
We started lending Curiosity Kits this past spring, bags full of books and items needed to try a new hobby.  People are checking them out, but we don't know if there are other hobbies our borrowers would like to try, if they're using what's in the bags, if any of them are completely uninteresting to our community, etc.  We just sort of released them into the wild, and now we need to know how well they're actually working for our community.
Hello everyone,
We would like to explore rearranging our open hours to better meets the needs of our users. Our voters passed a Mill Levy increase in the November 2016 election. We have expanded our hours as a result of the increased funding. We open at 10 am on Monday through Saturday and close at 5:30 pm on most nights. On Monday and Wednesday, we stay open until 8:30 pm. We have noticed that we have very few patrons using the library after 7 pm. However, we often have people waiting for us to open at 10 am or still in the library when we close at 5:30 pm. We conducted a small poll of our users about their use of the library after 7 pm, but have not collected data about staying open late on other evenings or opening before 10 am on some days.
One of the committees I serve on is out Collection Maintenance team, which has a representative from every branch plus a sub-group that administers Collection Maintenance 101 training across our 26 locations. We have a monthly calendar with set tasks for everyone to complete. Even with these efforts, there are obvious discrepancies in staff alignment on collection maintenance across locations. I would like to put together a survey for our branch-level supervisors and managers to gauge their views on prioritizing and implementing CM at the branches and what challenges they may be experiencing with getting the work done. That way we can meet people where they're at instead of administering a one-size-fits-all training that has limited impact.
We've been observing item overdues for the past couple of years, occasionally tweaking variables to test or investigate, the goal ideally leading to better systems that are more comfortable for folk with items out and more timely for those waiting for materials.

We're certainly not there yet.

I look forward to better evaluative techniques and tools that can assist in this process.
I would like to propose a survey to measure our impact on those who attend storytimes. We have some attendance data, but we do not know if they are unique visits, or repeat customers. We don't know if our attendees are kids or adults. I would like to hear from our storytime grownups whether they are using the early literacy activities at home. I would also like to know how we can improve. It has been years since we have asked these questions of our patrons. I know that there is a very small window of time that these adults have to fill out surveys, so I need to figure out how to get the most bang for my question buck.
-Andrea Wyant
Youth Librarian
Douglas County Libraries
I, and the Louisville Public Library, would like to identify the patrons we are not currently reaching, in our service area, and develop a plan to reach them.
Using Analytics on Demand we have identified (mostly) who are patrons tend to be. We can even see where they live in our area.
However, it's more difficulty identifying the people you never see or meet and what their needs might be.

Sarah Johnson

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