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Evaluation Project
Hi all,

Ross here with the Colorado Library Consortium, love seeing all your projects and interests.  As I don't work in a "real" library, my evaluation project might be different but in many ways not.  CLiC hosts the spring workshops every year and just did their 10th year of doing them, so my evaluation project would be those Spring Workshops, specifically the Grand Junction one because that is my neighborhood.  We always do after the fact surveys but honestly, don't get a lot of information from those so hoping to gain some great ideas from this workshop.
The project I have been working on recently is community needs analyses for two of my district's under-served areas.  I have done this through outreach and use of surveys.  I have most of the data I need to begin analyzing needs and responding to those needs.
I would like to create and info graphic that shows the lending in AspenCat - Bob

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