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Survey Help

The Louisville Public Library is going to be present at a Chili Festival in the town of Superior (a community which we also serve).
We are hoping to have visitors fill out a very brief survey at our booth in exchange for the chance to win a prize in a drawing.

Our main objective is to find out Why Superior community members do NOT have library cards with us and how the card holders utilize our services. (We already know that we aren't doing a great job drawing them in).

So that we don't lose their interest in completing the survey we want to keep it very brief.

Here's what we have so far for the questions.

1. What city do you live in?    Louisville       Superior       Other
2. Do you have a Louisville Public Library card?     Yes       No

The final question (or two) is tricky. We want to know A. If they have a card, how do they use it? And B. if they don't have a card, why not?

I know it's not a good idea to use a double-barreled question, but I feel like asking Why or Why not as question 3, could get us the info that we want with a whole lot of reasons that we could never think to ask about.

Do you think splitting the survey in two directions is problematic? Asking for instance, "If you have a card, please tell us how you use it." While asking on a separate line, "If you do not have a card, please tell us why not."

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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