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Evaluation Projects
My fairly niche evaluation project will look at our new Virtual Reality Experience stations located in two branches. I would like to figure out a way to evaluate the quality of customers' virtual experiences in the branches.
I wish to better understand technology needs and interests of our city residents, and incorporate these understandings into the design of our new tech center. And also learn how to measure tech training and see how it can help with increasing job-useful skills in participants.
MHLS is currently working with a cohort of member libraries to asses and test best practices to increase active cardholders. To help inform the work of this project we would like to explore strategies of how to evaluate appropriate data and create an evaluation process that gives libraries insight into the results.
We are looking to evaluate and redesign our annual system use and satisfaction survey.  The survey is sent to member libraries and used to help us evaluate current services and determine service gaps.
I would like to develop a method to evaluate how my outreach and partnership consultations, activities, and trainings result in member library outcomes and community outcomes. - Keturah
Hi everyone,
I will be evaluating circulation performance across the system and if there's opportunity for their collections to better reflect community needs.
Hi, everyone! I will be evaluating our continuing education program and if it is meeting the professional needs of our member libraries
I am interested in evaluating the efficiency of our tech services workflows. Particularly, our acquisitions processing, and cataloging services.

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