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Hi everyone,
Joy Testa Cinquino here from sunny, Buffalo, NY - Buffalo & Erie County Public Library. I look forward to meeting you all on Wed.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Deanna DiCarlo, and I'm a manager at the Upper Hudson Library System. Our service area includes Albany and Rensselaer counties, and we have 29 member libraries. My roles include managing digital services including OverDrive and several databases, serving as the system's adult services consultant and outreach coordinator, and overseeing various resource sharing activities. I am looking forward to spending this time with so many awesome colleagues!
Hi all-

I'm Tamar Sarnoff, with Maryland State Library. Our agency supports 27 public and regional library systems through training, leadership and grants. I am a recovering evaluation and planning person, and will be attending this meeting because we haven't found that special someone to be the new data person for our agency yet. Looking forward to meeting you this week!
I am Rachel Maxwell, Library Data & Information Specialist for the Nassau Library System. I am new to the position and public libraries. My professional experience is in the field of Institutional Research within higher education. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
Hello all,

I am an independent consultant (and a librarian!) working with the New York State Library and New York State Archives. I'm very excited to meet up with all of you, and dig deep into evaluation methods!!


AmaLat Consulting LLC
Hello Everyone,

I'm Heather Campbell-Shock, and I am the Director of Library and Development Services at the West Virginia Library Commission. I manage two teams: the state library team and the library development team. I look forward to meeting you all!

Safe travels,
Hi, I'm Tom Malley, the Virtual Services Coordinator at Baltimore County Public Library in Maryland. I'm attending because we have many systemwide technology projects in various stages of development and deployment, and I'm looking to learn the best ways to evaluate their effectiveness with customers and staff.
Hello! I am Brian DiNitto, an Information Librarian at the Central public library in Rochester, NY. I am looking forward to meeting and learning from you all. I grew up in Utica, and we are having Wednesday dinner in my fav. place to be as a kid. See you soon.

My title is a little lengthy but essentially my work at the Mid-Hudson Library System encompasses management of MHLS communication platforms and supporting our efforts in awareness, advocacy, library sustainability and special client groups. 

Library Sustainability Associate & Communications Specialist
I'm Keturah Cappadonia, Outreach Consultant at the Southern Tier Library System. We work with 48 public libraries in a five-county area. I work with libraries to build and sustain community partnerships, provide outreach to underserved populations, and I also work with member libraries on Adult Services.

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