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Evaluation Projects
Hello -

Please post a description of your evaluation project to this thread.
My evaluation project is on the current facilities and space needs of my library and how to meet the immediate needs of the public as well as figuring out what our future facility needs will be with the opportunity of an expansion or new construction.
I'm not quite sure yet how to frame the evaluation project I have in mind:  

First half:  
   We plan to partner with/house (pending legal/other review) as the Community Hub for a program which essentially provides support and resources to "keep children and their families safe, engaged, and thriving."  There is an enormous need here for the work they will be doing.  It has tremendous potential to be a major community asset in and of itself and it's a perfect example of resource sharing.

The project will provide another avenue to showcase the Library's resources and services, and offers the opportunity to attract non-users.

   I've long wanted to find a way to identify non-users and entice them to become regular library patrons.

I'd like my project to combine evaluation of this new partnership/service with transforming non-users into patrons.
There are so many areas to evaluate it is very hard to choose one. 

The top one that comes to mind is how to evaluate the programs we offer for adults and whether attending has an impact on customer's lives.

I would also like to identify non users and discover what the library can offer them.
Our library has recently received a grant to purchase a virtual reality headset and a computer to run it. The device has just arrived and we are still learnign how to use it.

I would love to be able to create an evaluation for how this new service is used by the community and the impact it is having.
There are three evaluation projects that I've been mulling over:

1. A space needs assessment. As items like print reference usage are negligible, digital circulation goes up and a demand for study/meeting space increases, how can we better utilize our space. I'm interested in looking at this from a reorganization perspective as well as a construction/ capital campaign perspective.

2. I would like to evaluate non-users, particularly the 20 and 30 something age demographics (w/o kids) and how we entice them back into the library in that post-college/pre-children age range.

3. The last one isn't fully formed in my head yet but I'd like to evaluate the way we spend on the collection. As digital circulation goes up and print circulation goes down, how should we redirect (if at all) our spending efforts? Being part of a consortium muddles this question further.
Sam and I would like to evaluate technology services at our library. This encompasses our public computers, wireless use, and technology help and programs.

Pam & Sam
Winslow Public Library
I hope it's okay if our projects are vague, because I don't even really know where to start. I'd almost like my project to be around how to determine the vision of the library. We've already done all the usual strategic planning stuff, but the impact hasn't been what I'd hoped.

If I need to be more specific, I'd like to focus on use. Our collection and circulation per capita are about half that of our peers. I guess I'd like to figure out why, but more broadly, I'd like to find the most effective ways to compare ourselves to others. What's the most effective way to examine use? What are we doing wrong? (What are we doing right?) Would increasing the size of our collection increase our circulation? Is our marketing the problem? Something else? You get the idea.
I have been interested in non library users.  I would like to find a way to reach out to folks who for whatever reasons do not bother to use our facility.   I am interested in the demographics of such non-users also.  I would like to determine a way to make our library more tempting to folks who have not joined us for whatever reasons.  The reasons behind non use would be helpful to us to know what we can improve or include.

I am also setting up a committee of folks to begin a program to work with area youth to learn the joys of giving.  This is in the formative stages of set up and still on shaky ground to not know if we have enough back-up for it to be a go.  I would like to study and determine the impact of such a program on both the givers and the receivers.

I will be evaluating our building project. In January we submitted a construction grant application to the MA Board of Library Comissioners for a new library building. Last month we learned that we met the qualifications of the grant and we are on the waitlist for funding. The funding would cover 40% of the costs of the new building with the town contributing the remainder.

Holly Mercer
Lynnfield Public Library, MA

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