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Evaluation Project
My evaluation project will be for our Summer Reading Program. We get varying results year-to-year, and get little feedback from participants, or from the community. We need evaluate this, our most important program, to help us design reading programs in the future. I'm also hoping that we can use the result as a template for evaluating other programs.
My evaluation project would be to assess whether or not an expansion is in order for us. While it may feel like it or some numbers may reflect it, I'd like to learn which data needs to be gathered, which data has bigger "weight" and how to answer the question of expansion.
My evaluation project will explore which grants we are getting the greatest impact out of, in terms of writing, implementing and reporting.
I plan to evaluate a specific Mesa County Libraries branch facility's current use and needs/possibilities for a replacement branch on new property. We need to determine what facilities/resources are needed in and around the new building and possible unique enhancements. We need to consider what services will be offered at the new branch location. And we hope that this evaluation may support development of a compelling story for an upcoming capital campaign.
Our library website is almost 4 years old now. I would like to evaluate the content of the website, which parts our patrons are using/not using. A better understanding of what our users want or don't want can help us maximize the usefulness of the site and be prepared for an eventual redesign.

I'd like to look at what the optimal staffing levels would be for each branch/department of the Pueblo City-County Library District by seeing what hours are allotted per branch, position, task, and so on, and then comparing between the ideal and the current levels of staffing.

Rachael Parlier
Librarian-in-training at Lamb Branch, Pueblo City-County Library District
(07-27-2017, 01:33 PM)SarahJ Wrote: I, and the Louisville Public Library, would like to identify the patrons we are not currently reaching, in our service area, and develop a plan to reach them.
Using Analytics on Demand we have identified (mostly) who are patrons tend to be. We can even see where they live in our area.
However, it's more difficulty identifying the people you never see or meet and what their needs might be.

Sarah Johnson

Hi Sarah,

I think this is an excellent idea. We also use AOD and have been able to identify the largest segments of non-users. Now we need to have a mechanism to uncover their needs so we can develop services and programs that are relevant to them.  
Kelli -HPLD

I'd like to do an evaluation around our Signature Author Series (SAS). This particular event is in its second year and is by far the biggest investment our District makes in terms of programing/events. The purpose for the initiative itself is to unite book-lovers and non-book lover through the celebration of the written word, and create an elegant experience that showcases libraries as a cultural leader in the community.  

Each year we identify specific outcomes based on the guest and the nature of their presentation. Creating measures around the specific outcome are (in my mind) separate from measuring impact of the purpose. I want to be able to demonstrate that the SAS is something that shifts's perceptions of our library system and is a driver in creating a new kind of user; perhaps one that does not primarily use us for materials.
I am now doing adult programming v.s. family programming at my library branch and I have difficulties connecting to that type of programing. I am also not certain what our adult community actually wants to attend. I am hoping to use this conference as a starting point to launch future successful programing for my branch.
I am interested in evaluating our building (the physical space) and the arrangement of it currently. We are now 18 years since the expansion of the current space and it is getting crowded. I am wondering what kind of evaluation to use, and how to interpret that so that we can continue to supply material that our patrons want/need, and house it! Thank you.
We're on the other side of the hours discussion - rather than adding hours, we're about to reduce our hours districtwide due to budget cuts.

That being said, I'd like to evaluate if our new hours schedule is properly serving our patrons and identify what our 'ideal' hours schedule would be if we received a funding increase.

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