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Welcome! - LindaHofschire - 09-16-2019


I'm Linda Hofschire, Director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service. I invite you to introduce yourself and share a description of your evaluation project. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!


RE: Welcome! - jcole311 - 09-16-2019

Hi, my name is Jacob Cole and I'm the Assistant Director of the Anchorage Public Library. We would like to create outcome measures for our early literacy programs and outreach.

RE: Welcome! - libraryrochelle - 09-18-2019

Hi from Colorado! I'm Rochelle Logan, an instructor at RIPL and an independent consultant. I enjoy reading the project ideas you plan to bring to RIPL. It helps us prepare for the 2-day workshop. See you all soon in beautiful Billings!

RE: Welcome! - Kunnerup - 09-19-2019

Hello! I am Carol Kunnerup from Mott, ND. I have been DYING to attend a RIPL event since I learned about RIPL in 2016 at ARSL. I love Billings and a nice road trip. I will also get to finish a few audiobooks. Truly looking forward to this event to help us make some Library dreams come true. Teeny, tiny, Mott Public Library (service area 758) has BIG dreams.
I need to work on outcomes/evaluations for everything. Still trying to choose just one. Will meet with my board on Monday to discuss and figure out what they consider a priority. Also meeting with the newly forming Mott Library Friends this morning. We have ALL the room for growth. I have changed so much about the Library and all of the services, based on informal community feedback, now we need more space, more hours, more money to keep it all up. Solo librarian, solo grant writer, solo programmer, etc. Build capacity is on the menu. So....the focus for this workshop will hopefully reveal itself by Monday evening. Big Grin ck

(09-18-2019, 09:53 AM)libraryrochelle Wrote: Hi from Colorado! I'm Rochelle Logan, an instructor at RIPL and an independent consultant. I enjoy reading the project ideas you plan to bring to RIPL. It helps us prepare for the 2-day workshop. See you all soon in beautiful Billings!
This workshop makes me nervous and excited at the same time. Looking forward to getting started. Definitely will be bringing it all to the table. I can see how Arrive Rested will be the name of the game. Looking forward to meeting you and working together. Yippee!

RE: Welcome! - thayes - 09-19-2019

Hi, I'm Tiffany Hayes, Continuing Education Consultant for the State Library of South Carolina. We're hosting a RIPL Regional in March 2020, and I have never attended one. 

My project, tentatively, is a survey of continuing education needs for SC public library staff. One of our big goals this year is to get a lot more evaluation in place for our CE offerings.

RE: Welcome! - RebeccaTeasdale - 09-19-2019

Hello! I'm Rebecca Teasdale, principal of Rebecca Teasdale & Associates. I am one of the RIPL instructors and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

RE: Welcome! - - 09-19-2019

Hi there, I'm Jenny Piper with Sno-Isle Libraries in western Washington. I work in our communications department as a research analyst. I don't know yet what my evaluation project will be for RIPL Montana, but it will probably be something to do with new cardholder retention or customer life cycle.

RE: Welcome! - moconnell - 09-19-2019

Hello! I'm Margot O'Connell, Adult Services Librarian at Sitka Public Library in Southeast Alaska. I'm pretty much starting from scratch at the moment, so what I would like to come up with is an outcome/evaluation tool we can use for all of our adult programs. Looking forward to the workshop!

RE: Welcome! - JimK - 09-20-2019

My name is Jim Kammerer. I am the Government Information Librarian at the Montana State Library. My data project will evaluate government information held by all Montana Shared Catalog libraries and possibly Montana University System libraries.  I will select government information based on author criteria.  All selected items will be authored in part or wholly by one or more of the following governmental entities/agencies: federal, state, county, special district, municipal, school district, public library, or tribal government.  The record for each item will include these fields: name of holding library, title, author, date, number of copies, total checkouts, date of last checkout, and type (digital or print or other type that might affect circulation).

RE: Welcome! - aeckerson - 09-23-2019

My name is Andrea Eckerson. I am the Branch Manager of the Lewis and Clark Library East Helena Branch in East Helena, Montana. We are a growing community, so I would like to evaluate the community needs for different hours or more hours of our library. I've had some informal feedback from patrons that later hours are desired, as well as being open another weekday. Right now we are open Tuesday-Saturday. I'm looking forward to learning more and to meeting everyone!