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RE: Introductions - Amber Gregory - 07-23-2018

Hello, I am Amber Gregory, E-Rate Coordinator at the Arkansas State Library in Little Rock, AR. I look forward to meeting everyone in Atlanta!

RE: Introductions - enielsen - 07-23-2018

Hi all,
My name is Evan Nielsen, and while I am attending RIPL as a participant, I don't work for a public library or state agency.  I work at the American Institutes for Research, where I direct the Public Libraries Survey for IMLS.  I'm interested both in learning more about library research and in offering advice to fellow RIPL participants about survey research.  I live in Chicago, and I enjoy biking and watching my kids learn to enjoy biking!  Looking forward to meeting you next week!


RE: Introductions - Ashley - 07-24-2018

(06-28-2018, 09:50 PM)ajacobsfoust Wrote: Hi all! 

Let's do introductions. 

I'm Amanda Jacobs Foust and I'm RIPL Project Coordinator. When I'm not working on RIPL, I spend my time reading, talking and writing about comics in libraries.

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Good morning everyone, my name is Ashley Till and I'm the Statewide Services Manager at the South Carolina State Library. I'm also a yoga instructor, moved back to the States recently from the Virgin Islands, and a graduate of Emory University- I am looking forward to visiting the campus again, it has been awhile! Safe travels, Ashley

RE: Introductions - Jennifer Peacock - 07-24-2018

Hi - I am Jennifer Peacock from the Mississippi Library Commission.  I am the Administrative Services Director which includes the job of LSTA Coordinator.  This is my first time to attend RIPL and am looking forward to meeting you all and learning lots of great things!

RE: Introductions - tadevoe - 07-24-2018

I'm Teri DeVoe from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in Washington, DC.  I lead the Grants to States program that many in the field recognize as "LSTA" (Library Services and Technology Act).  I've been hearing about RIPL for years, but I'm a first-time attendee and excited to participate!

RE: Introductions - bgrooms - 07-24-2018

Hi, I am Bobbie Grooms from Marlboro County Library in Bennettsville, SC. I am the Library Director for our county, and I look forward to learning and meeting each of you at RIPL. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, anything outdoors (except in the peak heat of these southern summers), and creating new "things" from old stuff!

Smile See y'all next week!

RE: Introductions - katelovan - 07-24-2018

Hello, my name is Kate Lovan and I am the Director of the Middleton, Idaho Library (near Boise). We are growing really quickly, and I am excited to learn more about how I can plan and adjust our services to meet the new needs of our community!

RE: Introductions - Bcruz - 07-24-2018

My name is Brandon Cruz and I a Public Services Librarian with the Fort Vancouver Regional Library in Vancouver, WA.  Smile

RE: Introductions - Anna Lyle - 07-24-2018

Hello everyone!  I'm Anna Lyle.  I'm attended RIPL in Denver in 2016 and am looking forward to being a facilitator this year.  I'm the Director of the Forsyth County Public Library.  Forsyth County is a fast-growing (and changing) northern suburb (or exurb, depending on who you ask) of Atlanta.

RE: Introductions - jlarue - 07-24-2018

Hello everybody. I'm Jamie LaRue, one of your speakers and panelists. RIPL is an intense time, filled with learning and fun. I encourage you to challenge your instructors and lean in. You'll be glad you did.