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Introductions - ajacobsfoust - 06-28-2018

Hi all! 

Let's do introductions. 

I'm Amanda Jacobs Foust and I'm RIPL Project Coordinator. When I'm not working on RIPL, I spend my time reading, talking and writing about comics in libraries.

Hit reply to respond to this thread and introduce yourself. 

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RE: Introductions - LindaHofschire - 07-02-2018

Hello! I'm Linda Hofschire - I'm the director of the Colorado State Library's Library Research Service, and I will be an instructor at RIPL. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

RE: Introductions - KFox - 07-02-2018

Hi everyone,

I'm Katie.  I am a research analyst for the Library Research Service at the Colorado State Library and a RIPL instructor.  Recently, I have been very interested in popsicles, the concept of curiosity, brushing up my French, and reading some summer science fiction. I'm excited to see you all at RIPL in Atlanta!

RE: Introductions - jane.martel - 07-03-2018

Hi, everyone.

I'm Jane Martel. I work as a Senior Project Manager for Arapahoe Libraries (just outside of Denver).

I attended the first RIPL and have been hooked ever since. You'll love it! I look forward to experiencing RIPL 2018 with you.

RE: Introductions - ChristaWerle - 07-03-2018

I'm Christa Werle, Public Services Project Manager with Sno-Isle Libraries.  Working at outcome-driven innovation, project alignment & oversight, quality management through outcome- based evaluation, and strategy & planning.  When not geeking out on data & processes, I'm learning from my 9 & 11-year-old daughters, dancing, and eating a lot of berries (it's berry season in the Pacific Northwest!!!)
Looking forward to meeting you all in person, VERY soon!
Big Grin

RE: Introductions - kieran - 07-03-2018

Hi There!
I am Kieran Hixon. I am the Technology and Digital Initiatives Consultant at the Colorado State Library and President of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in person!

RE: Introductions - GeorgeNeedham - 07-05-2018

Hi, I'm George Needham. I'm the director of the Delaware County District Library in suburban Columbus, Ohio. My role at RIPL is to serve as the wrap up speaker. I attend the programs, make notes, synthesize some of the learning, and report back to the group on the last day. 

RIPL is the only conference where I literally don't finish my remarks until just before I hit the podium. So please--give me plenty of material to work with!

RE: Introductions - cmc1007 - 07-06-2018

Happy Friday! I am Christy Chander, State Data Coordinator at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. I look forward to my first RIPL conference and meeting everyone in a few weeks.

RE: Introductions - Joy Garretson - 07-06-2018

Hey all! I'm Joy Garretson, Library Director at the Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library in Clayton, NC. I was formerly the State Data Coordinator in Mississippi, and I went to the first RIPL, which was great! I'm excited to go back as a director and apply the information differently. See y'all soon!

RE: Introductions - cindyjewett - 07-06-2018

Hi!  I am Cindy Jewett and I am the director of the James A. Tuttle Library in Antrim, NH.  I look forward to meeting everyone in Atlanta.