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Introductions - ajacobsfoust - 04-01-2018

Hi all! 

Let's do introductions. 

I'm Amanda Jacobs Foust and I'm RIPL Project Coordinator. When I'm not working on RIPL, I spend my time reading, talking and writing about comics in libraries.

RE: Introductions - libraryrochelle - 04-04-2018

Hello from Colorado! I'm Rochelle Logan, a library consultant and trainer. I am one of your instructors at RIPL and am looking forward to the trip to New York and meeting you all.

RE: Introductions - griario - 04-06-2018

Buenas tardes queridos colegas:

My name is Grace Riario, I worked at the Ramapo Catskill Library System. I am looking forward to working and learning with you all. Have a wonderful weekend!

RE: Introductions - vblair - 04-06-2018

Hi, I'm Valle Blair, Youth Services Consultant for the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System. This sounds like it will be a very practical, boots on the ground, useful event - the kind I like best.

RE: Introductions - SarahReid - 04-10-2018

Hello! I'm Sarah Reid, Outreach and Youth Services Manager at the Four County Library System. Looking forward to being with familiar faces and new colleagues!

RE: Introductions - Ktucker - 04-10-2018

Hello! I am Kari Tucker, Assistant Director at Jervis Public Library in Rome, a library in the MidYork Library System. I am looking forward to learning together during the event.

RE: Introductions - janetpark - 04-12-2018

Greetings from Syracuse, NY! I am the newly appointed Executive Director of the Onondaga County Public Library System. In addition to making new connection, I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my Youth Services friends.

RE: Introductions - JLenio - 04-12-2018

I am currently an Area Coordinator for Rochester Public Library, overseeing the operations of five urban library branches. Come July, however, I will be taking on a new role as Collections & Cataloging Services Manager for RPL. Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning more about data-driven assessments!


RE: Introductions - Rdrake - 04-13-2018

Hello Everyone,

I am Robert Drake, Assistant Director for Technology Operations at the Nassau Library System. I'll be joined by our Library Data & Information Specialist Rachel Maxwell.

When not in library land, I like hiking and photography.


RE: Introductions - enasto - 04-13-2018

Hi there,

I'm Ellen Nasto, and I'm the Technology & Electronic Resources Supervisor for the Suffolk Cooperative Library System.  I manage the system's electronic resources, as well as our Overdrive ebook account.  Prior to joining the system, I had a long career as a special librarian in NYC.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all!