RIPL Regional – California

April 10th to 11th, 2017 in Sacramento, CA


50 participants from California public libraries will engage in two days of hands-on, intensive workshops about…

  • Designing outcome-based evaluation of programs and services
  • Assessing the needs of your community
  • Techniques for tracking public library data and using these data for planning, management, and demonstrating the library’s worth
  • Using data and stories to document the impact of your library

Participants will walk away from the RIPL Regional with tools for evaluation, confidence in building research into their activities, and a network of colleagues for future learning and success.


RIPL Regional participants work in California public libraries and are …

interested in getting started using data for savvy and strategic planning.
looking for both inspiration and instruction in a hands-on, participatory environment.
seeking to learn about outcomes and how to measure library impact.
committed to leading their organizations in making data-based decisions.
eager to develop a peer network to support research and evaluation efforts.


Denise Davis

Deputy Library Director, Sacramento Public Library

Linda Hofschire

Director, Library Research Service

Rochelle Logan

Research Consultant and Trainer

Sharon Morris

Director of Library Development, Colorado State Library


Day 1
10 Apr 2017
Day 2
11 Apr 2017

Welcome and the Evaluation Process

Linda Hofschire
Sharon Morris

What Do You Need to Know? Your Evaluation Plan & The Data Trifecta – A Winning Combination

  15 minute break at the halfway point
Linda Hofschire
Sharon Morris

Application Activity: Let’s Make Waves

Denise Davis
Linda Hofschire
Rochelle Logan
Sharon Morris

Wrap Up

Sharon Morris

Application Activity: The #RIPLeffect

Denise Davis
Linda Hofschire
Rochelle Logan
Sharon Morris


Stanley Mosk Library and Courts building, Room 500
914 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814
(9th street and Capitol Mall)

Directions are available here.

The nearest hotel is the Hyatt Regency Sacramento, 1209 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814


April 10-11, 2017, 8:00-5:00 each day


The registration fee and meals (breakfast and lunch April 10-11) are covered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Califa. Participants are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses.

Participants were selected by an application process to insure a broad range of public libraries and geographic regions in California are represented. 

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